I will try not to be too critical; however, a list like this will surely result in some
players getting upset at me. I have only rated players I have played with in cash
games. I have rated players on a 1 to 10 scale in each category.


Aggressiveness: Measure of style: how often the player takes the betting lead.
Looseness: Measure of style: correlates to percentage of hands played.
Short-handed :
Limit :
No-limit :
Tournaments :
Side games :
Steam control: A high number indicates better self-control when losing.
Against strong players:
Against weak players:
Best game:

I don’t think you can add up the ratings in the skill categories to get an accurate
comparison of players. Some factors should be weighted more heavily than others.
Also, some factors are correlated, e.g., Steam control and Side games.