Aggressiveness: 7
Looseness: 6
Short-handed: 7
Limit: 8
No-limit: 8
Tournaments: 8
Side games: 8
Steam control: 7
Against weak players: 7
Against strong players: 8

Best game: Whatever I have been playing a lot of recently
Weakness: So many, that I needed to write a book to cover them all

My book contains plenty of examples which will enable you to analyze my play and philosophy.

Amusing anecdote

When I played in the 2004 World Poker Open WPT event, I was not in the best frame of mind. I was saddened by the temporary breakup with my girlfriend whom I hadn’t seen for a while. Not surprisingly, I wasn’t doing well in the side games and I just wanted to go home. But I play tournaments for charity and so I stayed.

In the middle of the first day, I was all in for $2500 with a straight draw against Erick Lindgren’s slowplayed Aces. When I made the straight on the river, I snapped at Erick that winning the pot caused me to miss my 6:45 flight home. I survived the first day with under-average chips and played in the big side game until about 6:00 AM. I had checked out of my room the previous afternoon and I retrieved my bags from the bell desk and checked back in. I checked out again at noon before the start of the second day.

I wanted to make the late flight and I figured that I needed to leave by 4:30 to make it to the Memphis airport on time for the last flight. I survived with under-average chips again and lost in a late session in the side game. I repeated my checkin-checkout-check-my-bags routine and eventually made it to the TV table. I got a couple of hours of sleep after a short losing side-game session and I was lucky enough to win the tournament the next day. And after the tournament, I went back to “work” and finally booked a win.

Title: Imagine
Artist: John Lennon
Year: 1971

Reason for this song choice

This song from my college days echoed my philosophy.