Aggressiveness: 4
Looseness: 3
Short-handed: 6
Limit: 7
No-limit: 6
Tournaments: 6
Side games: 7
Steam control: 8
Against weak players: 7
Against strong players: 6

Best game: Seven-card stud
Weakness: Inflexible in his thinking

If anyone plays by the book, David Grey does. He plays with good starting hands and generally plays them to the river. Of all the players who have tried an ABC approach to poker, David is the only one who has been able to compete at the highest levels. Solid, predictable play is often unsuccessful in high stakes games, but David has good self-control, knowledge of all games, and reasonable game-selection skills.

Amusing anecdote

David says, “For twenty-five years when I have raised with a big up-card in stud, I have invariably had a big pair. But they always think I don’t have it this time and they call me and chase me to the river and draw out on me. So it doesn’t really matter if I tell them I have it again.”

David is very opinionated. We disagree on some things, but when it comes to ordering food at a nice restaurant, David is the one I ask for advice. He has a great memory of restaurant menus, and I have never been disappointed with his selections.

Title: My Way
Artist: Frank Sinatra
Year: 1968

Reason for this song choice

David does things his way, and he is usually confident in his assessments.