Aggressiveness: 7
Looseness: 6
Short-handed: 8
Limit: 8
No-limit: 6
Tournaments: 4
Side games: 8
Steam control: 6
Against weak players: 7
Against strong players: 7

Best game: All forms of limit poker, but short handed limit hold’em was his specialty
Weakness: Not as successful in tournaments as expected for someone with his ability

David has been a winning side game player since he was a teenager and has been extremely successful playing in games one level down from the highest stakes games.

David was a bit of a maniac in his younger days, but hooking up and having a family with his sharp wife Kinsey was the calming influence he needed.

Amusing anecdote

When David was young, it was hard to bust him because he would always get in heated arguments with other players when he was losing, usually resulting in both players getting thrown out for the day.

One time someone challenged David to name one high-stakes player whom he had not gotten in a big argument with. He pointed to me. To this day, David and I have never had an argument.

Title: Parallel Universe
Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Year: 1999

Reason for this song choice

When David was younger he had views that were often in direct opposition to others’, so I decided to poke fun at him about his own parallel universe.