Aggressiveness: 6
Looseness: 8
Short-handed: 7
Limit: 6
No-limit: 7
Tournaments: 8
Side games: 6
Steam control: 5
Against weak players: 8
Against strong players: 6

Best game: Triple-draw lowball and no-limit hold’em tournaments
Weakness: With only a couple of years experience, he jumped into the highest stake games against the toughest players

Gus is often mischaracterized as a hyper-aggressive player when he is actually an active or loose player. He plays a lot of pots and his success is a combination of this volatile style and good decision-making after the flop.

Amusing anecdote

I play with Gus in side games where one million dollar swings are very rare, yet I have seen Gus get stuck a million and get even in the same session — three different times!

Title: Born to be Wild
Artist: Steppenwolf
Year: 1968

Reason for this song choice

I originally chose Let’s Get It Started by the Black Eyed Peas because it had a rap beat that reminded me of Gus, but I couldn’t resist Born to be Wild since Gus is famous for his loose play.