Aggressiveness: 7
Looseness: 7
Short-handed: 7
Limit: 7
No-limit: 7
Tournaments: 9
Side games: 6
Steam control: 5
Against weak players: 8
Against strong players: 7

Best game: Tournaments and triple-draw lowball
Weakness: Has limited high-stakes experience, but John is the type of person who will be successful at anything he puts his mind to

Although John has focused most of his energy on becoming a top tournament player, he did tear up the triple-draw lowball side games when the game was first becoming popular.

When I view some of John’s play decisions in the context of high stakes poker, they don’t always seem sound, but when I watch him work his magic against the weaker tournament players, I am often impressed.

Title: California Dreaming
Artist: Mamas and the Papas
Year: 1965

Reason for this song choice

John fulfilled some of his dreams, coming from his native Indonesia and eventually finding success as a poker player in California.