Aggressiveness: 7
Looseness: 5
Short-handed: 7
Limit: 7
No-limit: 6
Tournaments: 6
Side games: 7
Steam control: 7
Against weak players: 6
Against strong players: 6

Best game: Limit Hold’em

Weakness: Easily bothered by outside influences and superstitionsAlthough Liz is a competent winning poker player, she has been focusing on marketing herself more than she has on playing poker.

Her poker results have slipped, but she will probably make more money this way in the long run. She has cultivated a persona that she has trouble keeping up with, since in reality she would prefer to be a private person who is out of the limelight.

Amusing anecdote

When I first saw Liz playing poker, I wanted to ask her out. I decided that I would nonchalantly walk by her table and make idle chatter as an introduction. I watched and waited for her to be unoccupied. Unfortunately, it seemed like every other guy in the room had the same idea. People would stop and talk to her for a few minutes and leave, and immediately someone else would sit beside her. I waited for an hour, but there was no let up.

Fortunately, she approached the big game to talk to her friend Chau Giang. I introduced myself and tried to show my sense of humor. Two advantages big game players have in the woman chasing game are the possibility of more extravagant dates and the lure of offering top level poker mentoring. I was prepared to use whatever enticement necessary, because I now felt I was in competition against the rest of the poker room.

The next day, I got up the nerve to ask Liz out. She said, “Have you been watching how many guys are hitting on me. All I want to do is play poker.” I told her if she needed any assistance to let me know. I ultimately succeeded getting a date with Liz, because of something I hadn’t thought of.

It turned out that it wasn’t the promise of poker lessons or extravagant dates that swayed her. Instead, when she found out that I helped poor children, she became very interested in spending time with me. I eventually found out Liz’s other likes and dislikes.

I won’t divulge them, because they would be used against her, as Liz is poker’s version of Cameron Diaz in the movie “There’s Something about Mary.”

Title: Don’t Cha
Artist: Pussycat Dolls
Year: 2005

Reason for this song choice

I chose this song because it exemplifies Liz’s persona.