Aggressiveness: 5
Looseness: 4
Short-handed: 8
Limit: 8
No-limit: 7
Tournaments: 7
Side games: 7
Steam control: 7
Against weak players: 6
Against strong players: 7

Best game: Competent at all games
Weakness: Doesn’t always keep pressure on his opponents after a good win

Todd graduated from poker at college to the Vegas games. He worked his way up to the biggest limits and has been successful at all forms of poker. He demonstrated surprising writing skills as the author of the seven card stud hi/lo section in Super/System 2. Todd will be in the spotlight for many years to come.

Amusing anecdote

Todd has occasionally criticized his dad’s plays in public. Doyle maintains his composure and sarcastically responds, “I know Todd. I’m the idiot who sired a genius.”Doyle calls Todd after big games and especially after big tournaments. Doyle will ask, “How did you do?” If Todd won, the answer is always, “I played, didn’t I.”

Title: The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Artist: The Charlie Daniels Band
Year: 1979

Reason for this song choice

Todd is not about to back down to a challenge from anybody, not even the devil himself.